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Professor in Information Systems Technology

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Computer Supported Collaborative Work
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A Managers Guide to Groupware Technology
Avatars Avatars in Education      V-Learn '99
Seminar in Group Decision Support Systems (Management Science 409 - George Washington University)
Intranets and Extranets
CSCW Links
Decision Support Systems
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A Decision Analysis Primer
Analytic Hierarchy Process or Point Allocation?
The Confluence of the Decision Sciences and Artificial Intelligence
Decision Analysis Resources
Human Computer Interface
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Human Computer Interface
Alliances - An Abstract Virtual Reality World
The Wearable Computer
Virtual Reality Links
Information Security
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SCADA and Control Systems Security

A Dynamic Risk Model for Information Technology Security in a Critical Infrastructure Environment

A Risk Management Methodology for Information Security

Information Security Simulation Paper  Slides

Information Security Links

Information Technology Projects
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Field Studies in Information Technology
Group Decision Support Center
Virtual Reality Room
Group Curriculum in Lotus Notes/Domino
Wireless Local Area Networks
The Untethered Project
Intelligent Systems
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Primer on Artificial Intelligence Technologies
Expert Systems Links
Genetic Algorithm and Artificial Life Links
Knowledge Management
Neural Network Links
Speech Recognition and Natural Language
Intelligent Agent Links
Management Information Systems
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            Information Technology Online News Links

        Information Systems Design and Integration

  Lecturettes                             10     11     12

        Executive Masters in Information Technology

Sessions:    11 12 13 14 15

Simulation and System Dynamics
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Computer Based Role Playing Simulations for Executive IT Education

Systems Thinking and Policy Modeling I - OR 235 - George Washington University
Systems Thinking and Policy Modeling II - OR 236 - George Washington University
May 2000 Systems Thinking and System Dynamics in National Security Conference
Management Flight Simulators
Lessons in the Strategic Management of Information Technology
System Dynamics Basics
System Dynamics Links